How do I download official Cisco IOS content?

You Have Several Options

The Cisco PSIRT team publishes comprehensive, authoritative OVAL content for Cisco IOS Security Advisories. There are a variety of manual and programmatic options for retrieving this content.

Manual Retrieval

There are a few ways to retrieve this content manually:

Programmatic Retrieval

There are also several ways to retrieve this content programmatically.

Via the Cisco openVuln API

Cisco customers and partners can access the Cisco PSIRT openVuln API in order to obtain all published OVAL definitions.

Using CURL and the Listing

curl | xargs -n 1 curl -O

Using WGET and the Listing

wget -q -O - | xargs -n 1 wget 

Using PowerShell 3+ and the Listing

$(Invoke-WebRequest -Uri "").ToString().Trim().Split("`n") | %{Invoke-WebRequest $_ -OutFile $(Split-Path $_ -Leaf)}