How do you install Joval Professional on Linux?

Why, exactly?

If all you want to do is scan a Linux device, you can do so remotely using Joval Professional from a Windows or Mac OS X desktop or laptop.  Simply add an appropriate SSH credential, and the target(s) you wish to scan, and have at it!

If you use a Linux machine as your regular desktop or laptop computer, then you’re probably accustomed to having to jump through a lot of hoops to get software.  Frankly, we didn’t spend a lot of time optimizing the UI to work nicely on Linux desktops, so we consider the software to be a “beta”.  Nevertheless, if you’re still dead set on trying it out, you can contact us to get a copy of the RPM installer for Joval Professional, which you can use to install the product on RedHat-based distros.

To install on Debian, you must convert the RPM to a .deb package using ‘alien’ as follows:

sudo apt-get install alien
sudo alien -k jOVAL-
sudo dpkg -i joval-

The RPM has a XULRunner dependency that alien ignores.  So, before you can run Joval Professional on Debian or Ubuntu, you will have to install the XULRunner dependency manually by following the procedure documented here; essentially this involves running the following script: