SCAP Authoring for Human Beings

Use the Slang Authoring Toolkit to deliver powerful, elegant content authoring capabilities:

  • Enable end-users to quickly author security checks without learning SCAP
  • Empower your services team to create custom vulnerability and compliance content

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Slang is a Shorthand Language for SCAP

Simple, YAML-Based Syntax

Write compliance and vulnerability rules in YAML with rich, context-sensitive help in Visual Studio Code.

Slang animation: creating a simple compliance check
Slang animation: export Slang to SCAP

Export to SCAP

The Slang Authoring Toolkit exports this simple, 5-line Slang rule to 119 lines of standards-compliant SCAP 1.2 Datastream XML.

Authoring Toolkit Use Cases

Enterprise End-users

via VS Code or web-based UI

Quickly create custom checks to address operational needs and edit existing content streams (e.g. CIS, STIG, etc.).

Services & Content Teams

via VS Code and git

Build and maintain custom compliance and vulnerabilty content streams from scratch or based on existing SCAP content.

Security Product Developers

via Embeddable Toolkit & Schemas

Embed the Slang Authoring Toolkit in management applications to provide integrated authoring capability to your end-users.

Features & Capabilities

The Slang Authoring Toolkit supports all valid SCAP content capabilities.

  • Multi-Platform: Windows, Linux, macOS, Cisco, Juniper, AIX, VMWare and more!
  • Multi-Purpose: create (or customize) compliance, vulnerability, secure configuration, inventory or patch content.
  • Standards-Compliant: SCAP 1.3 valid XCCDF, OVAL, CPE and CVE.
  • Multi-Format: SCAP Datastreams, Bundles, and OVAL definitions files.
  • SCAP Data Model: includes complete Python model for OVAL and XCCDF.
  • Supports XCCDF Profiles, Value-driven parametrization, substitution text, all metadata, and more!
  • Test content against live devices with bundled Joval scan engine.

Extensible Check Libraries

Add your own Slang inventory checks, script-based checks, or Slang/YAML checks. They'll automatically appear in content-sensitive help, custom GUIs, documentation, and exported content.


Build a JSON-schema-driven web UI to automatically pick up core library updates and extensions. Embed the Toolkit component to import, validate and export Slang programmatically.

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