Joval Capabilities

Joval is the most comprehensive, high-performance standards-based compliance assessment solution available. It is also infrastructure-free, easily embeddable, and incredibly simple to integrate into enterprise environments.

Platform & Standards Support

Hands down, Joval supports more test types, across more platforms, than any other SCAP interpreter.

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Content Support

Joval offers best-in-class support support for public and private content.

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Deployment Architecture

Whether deployed alongside an existing agent, as a high-capacity agentless network sensor, or in a hybrid environment leveraging both deployment models, Joval has the ability to scale to meet the requirements of any enterprise.

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Integration options

Joval makes standards-based interoperability a snap, with out-of-the-box HTML reports and drop-in integration options for SQL databases and No-SQL event stores.

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Architecture & Extensibility

While traditional heavyweight solutions are saddled by complexity and legacy technologies, innovation is at the core of everything we do.

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Support Options

With low pricing, free upgrades and flexible options, we’ve got your six.

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