Joval Authoring Training

Give your authoring team the training and tooling necessary to deliver high-quality SCAP content reliably and efficiently.

From Zero to Hero in Six Weeks

Use the Joval Authoring Training program to build a new team or take your existing team to the next level:

  • Build a Solid Foundation: thoroughly understand the SCAP component specifiations in theory and practice
  • Master Advanced Techniques: deep-dive into advanced usage of variables, behaviors, check attributes and other techniques necessary to create efficient, robust content
  • Adopt Best Practices: learn and exercise best practices for content reuse, QA automation, and leveraging of the OVAL repository

Training Components Pricing & Availability

Training Components

The Joval Authoring Training program includes:

  • Five weeks of web-based training sessions conducted by one of the world's leading experts in SCAP
  • Practical exercises to identify skills gaps and evaluate progress
  • One-on-one coaching sessions to tackle and resolve authoring issues specific to your organization
  • Development of a recommendation for automation tools that may be leveraged to further empower your team
  • Study and training materials that can be used for review and subsequent self-paced trainings

Taught by Experts

Joval's trainers have the highest level of expertise in SCAP security content authoring and usage. Training team members serve on the OVAL board, have written significant parts of the standard and official documentation, and contribute to Joval, the most comprehensive and authoritative implementation of the SCAP standards.

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